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Veterinarians, Canine Rehab Specialists, Trainers, Enthusiasts:

Where the World Learns About Canine Rehabilitation


Helping Veterinarians and Pet Parents receive instant access to protocols and a library of videos to assist in rehabilitating their pets.

Receive top quality, up-to-date professional training by veterinarians and experts on topics that matter to you…all from the comfort of your home or office.

Get evidence-based information you want to know now for healthier, happier, more high performing pets, competition and working dogs.

Uplevel your practice management skills and discover how Canine Rehab can become a hot new profit center for your business. Our experienced team can show you how!

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Why The Canine Rehab Teaching Academy

We understand, because we are vets too, that you are perfectionists when it comes to your practice and treating the animals in your care.

We are forever trying to gain the latest veterinary knowledge and improve our technical skills in order to provide the best quality of care for our patients.

We want to reassure our clients that we are doing our very best to ensure their pets are well looked after and cared for.


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...and instantly become an affiliate for Canine Rehab On Demand

Enjoy unlimited access to detailed and informative webinars on topics that matter to you and your patients. Veterinary professionals are eligible to become an affiliate for our Canine Rehab On Demand programs.


This membership is also open for anyone who works with or loves dogs, especially working, show, and competitive canines, and has a thirst for learning how to help the dogs in their care live longer, happier, healthier lives.

If you are looking for programs or more specific issues, go to Canine Rehab On Demand designed to help our pet parents out there!

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"I have been taking the webinars provided by this team for a while now. They are absolutely essential for any clinician involved in the rehabilitation process of their patients. These webinars are in depth with workbook format provided to follow along. The guests that lecture are clearly masters in their fields but they use language that is easy to comprehend if you are new to the field. The information is current and can be applied on daily basis inside the veterinary clinic or just at home with one's own companions! Brilliant."

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Discover Why Hundreds of Members Are Part of The Veterinary Teaching Academy

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