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The Veterinary Teaching Academy
was created by veterinarians for veterinarians,
rehab professionals and canine sports

 We know just how hard you work and just how much you care. And because of that, we believe you deserve access to the top-notch courses, webinars and resources that will elevate our profession across the globe and improve how we approach our patients. 

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Our commitment to you is to seek out the world’s best veterinary information, even if it means finding those courses from workshops that aren’t even taught online yet. We hope to deliver the types of information you ask for and in a way which is easily accessible. We aim to bring these courses to our profession in order to help further the quality of veterinary care given to our pets worldwide.

Essentially, we are just ordinary veterinarians who care about our veterinary community in hopes to educate, nurture and to make simpler, the balancing of our busy lives.

Our focus has been on canine rehabilitation, as it is a seriously underserved area in continuing veterinary education. As we continue to grow, we aim to focus on delivering quality educational resources to all veterinarians and animal practitioners who have a strong desire to keep up with the latest research and information.

Our ultimate goal is to create a more modern, accessible and interconnected educational community among veterinary professionals.

We hope you will join us in this journey.

Where the World Learns About Canine Rehabilitation

Choose to become a full professional member of the Canine Rehab Training Academy, exclusively from Veterinary Teaching Academy and receive unlimited access to all of the professional training webinars. 

Benefit immediately from these detailed and informative webinars on topics that matter to you including trainings on: Hindlimb Injuries, Forelimb Injuries, Spinal Injuries, Pain Management, Nutrition and Nutraceuticals and MORE!


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